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You've heard it said before that "a brand is more than a logo". It's easy to get your business started, and find yourself a year or more down the road feeling disconnected or misaligned from your brand. Without the work of digging deep to find out who you are, and WHY you are, it's challenging (and, frankly, impossible) to run a business that authentically connects with your ideal client or customer. Let's change that.





Identify your ideal client personas

Assess competition

Clarify messaging

Discover your mission, vision, and values

Understanding the type of person you want to stand out to, provides clarity in how you promote and what language to use.

In order to stand out, you first need to identify what your competition offers - and what you do that sets you uniquely apart.

Finding key language and writing style that connects emotionally to your ideal clients sets the tone of consistency.

These are the crucial building blocks to a strong brand presence - and help you set the tone for how the rest unfolds.

You're getting a look inside Encompassed Co's proprietary process, where we take our clients from unclear to clear + aligned.

Whether you're just starting out with your business, or if you've been in the game for a while and simply need a refresh - this workbook is for you.

38 pages filled with tools, prompts, and worksheets

Brand investment is normally $1,500.

For $297, you're getting a powerful tool that will equip you with a clear Brand Foundation.

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True North is easier to navigate your brand towards when you're clear + aligned on who you are and who you serve.

Elevation Guidebook

Downloadable PDF Workbook with prompts and worksheets to elevate your brand.

Take your brand to the next level this year with the Elevation Guidebook - a powerfully strategic workbook that sets you up with identifying your "why", brand foundation, competition, ideal clientele, and MORE. Invest in your brand by doing the work to gain clarity and alignment in positioning and messaging.

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Elevation Guidebook

Elevation Guidebook +

45 min Consultation

Elevation Guidebook +

45 min Consultation +

Day Design Intensive

What's Included:

What's Included:

What's Included:

• The Elevation Guidebook, self-guided brand journey

• A follow-up, 45 minute Consultation

• The result of a 3-step implementation plan, to take your Elevation Guidebook work a step further

• Empowering you to expand as you have invested time in elevation, and build brand recognition through action

• Where this package is normally valued at $1,900,

you're only investing $497

The Elevation Guidebook, self-guided brand journey

38 pages filled with tools, prompts, worksheets

• A powerful investment in elevating your brand to the next level, and gaining the foundation you need to build a brand that stands out in your industry
• Where you would normally invest $1,500,

you're only investing $297

• The Elevation Guidebook, self-guided brand journey

• A follow-up, 45 minute Consultation

• The result of a 3-step implementation plan
• A Day Design Intensive, which can include one of the available options for this service (view options here)

• Establish your newly completed brand foundation investment by upgrading your visible brand presentation

• Where this package is normally valued at $3,400,

you're only investing $1,297







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Day Design Intensive

Take your brand foundation to the next level, and establish the work you've done with the Elevation Guidebook through a visual upgrade.

The process:
1. From the menu listing of design options, choose one that fits your needs.
2. Once you have completed the Elevation Guidebook, reach out to schedule the included 45 minute Consultation.
3. Through the Consultation, we will establish a 3-step Implementation Plan, and assess strategy to best establish the Brand Foundation.
4. Prior to scheduled Day Design Intensive, there will be several required steps such as providing copy for a website page, reviewing + approving wireframes, or a mood board for a minimal brand, etc. This will set us up for efficient and intentional design + turnaround.
5. Encompassed Co will begin the design process on the scheduled day, and turn around deliverables within a 24-hour period.

6. Celebrate and launch your new deliverables!

See what happens when you can soar with confidence.

Elevate Now

Make this year the one where you elevate your brand.


What is included in the Elevation Guidebook?

Why is branding important?

Branding is the difference between simply running a business, and transforming your sphere of influence.

When I started my business, the only "branding" I did, was creating a logo and a website. My main focus was finding clients. Years later, having done the work to identify my motivators, values, and brand positioning, the struggle in finding clients has shifted to attracting ideal clientele and writing copy with ease. Crafting my core values and mission statement provided so much clarity, that the following details fell into alignment easily. Branding makes all the difference in how you communicate who and why you are, as a business. Take the struggle of communication and culture out of the equation, and invest in your brand.

From start to finish, the Elevation Guidebook is a thoughtfully and strategically crafted journey, designed to take you from your utopia (or ideal scenario) to implementing tangible tools for your brand.

From prompts to worksheets, this downloadable PDF workbook will challenge you to dig deeper into your "why", identify your values, mission, vision, and positioning, to assessing competition, to creating ideal clientele personas.

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Does this include business advice?

Be sure to purchase this product on a desktop to avoid any download or technical issues. If you run into any issues, email me proof of your purchase receipt and your issue to

No, the Elevation Guidebook is not designed to give business advice - nor does Encompassed Co promise any specific business or financial outcome upon purchase and completion of the workbook. Encompassed Co is providing tools to clarify and align brand only and will not be held accountable for business practices and success.