Creating brands that align with True North.

Encompassed Co exists to create with excellence, and rest in the balance between inspiration and strategy.

We come alive when we get to take on the exciting new adventure of partnering with businesses to craft a meaningful and memorable brand that brings everything into alignment and leads with clarity.

My passion is seeing clients feel empowered and confident when it comes to understanding who they are + what they have to offer the world.

I get it.

I sustained my business for years without clear direction, until realizing that I didn't have the recognition or influence around my brand that it deserved.

Running a business without brand clarity and alignment is hard.

As a business owner, I've been through the process of digging deep to find what story was begging to be uncovered and given space to be seen. Your story as a brand is the unique experience that everyone will know you by, and find direction in the guide it provides. I'm passionate about providing solutions so business owners feel empowered to take the next big steps.

Our Values


We believe part of the process of working with other businesses is providing an experience that feels thorough, intentional, and holistic.

We aim to relieve any overwhelm and complications by taking on the load of providing brand solutions and looking ahead to preemptively solve issues that may cause confusion.

The journey of discovery and alignment should be fun, so we follow through in every area.


Because we take our partnerships to heart, we believe in full transparency and operating our business with truth and honor. We approach each and every project with intention and understand the weight of investment and trust.

We believe every individual deserves respect, and to be treated with such.


We want the process to be FUN!

The possibility and clarity to be gained through aligning your brand is endless - and we aim to provide an experience that underlines and brings ease to the process of transformation. We know it can be risky and uncomfortable - but we have your best interest at heart and will meet you with understanding and open communication.

See your Journey

You're not just another client.

It's an honor to journey with you + your business in the process of transformation and alignment. And because we delve into intuition for strategy to become clear, trusting the process is vital within the partnership. We are uncovering what is begging to be made seen, and guiding the way to elevating your brand.

Align My Brand