HMK Company

The scope

+ Brand Guidelines

+ Color Palette

+ Collateral

+ WordPress Website

+ Brand Video

+ Brand Photography
+ Onsite Project Photography

+ Project Update Videos

Encompassed Co was thrilled to partner in completely redesigning HMK Company's website and produce a brand video to enhance and build on their story as a company and incorporate the value of legacy HMK brings with each and every project they manage in communities and school districts stretching across the state of Oregon. Since the website redesign, we have expanded landing pages on the website to host on-going updates for bond projects that HMK is managing in order to keep communities up-to-date.

The Challenge

The Transformation

"With excellence and passion, there's always a solution."

HMK Company Brand Video

HMK's brand video stands as a display of the services the company offers - with the viewpoint of ensuring projects are managed with a legacy perspective.

Kind Words

- David McKay

Owner/principal in charge of HMK Company

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